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Willow Fork Drainage District (WFDD or the “District”) provides ongoing maintenance to its channels, including monthly mowing and debris removal, biannual fertilization, pest control, and repairs. A thorough maintenance plan protects the community and controls erosion to minimize expensive repair work and ensures compliance with city, state and federal regulations. Maintenance consists of but is not limited to:

  • Monthly mowing to ensure sufficient Bermuda plant coverage.
  • Summer fertilization to promote healthy growth, fall overseeding and organic fertilization to prevent weeds.
  • Monitoring for repair, including desilting, pipe replacement, slope regrading, graffiti removal, and landscaping, to maintain proper drainage.


WFDD maintains Willow Fork Park, Exploration Park and Central Green at LaCenterra, including ongoing landscape and tree care, overseeding and fertilization, and irrigation. Daily services include trash removal, restroom cleaning, and inspection and upkeep of playground equipment, pavilions, picnic areas, dog stations, and the performance stage at Central Green.


WFDD strictly forbids access by any property owners or third parties on the District’s drainage channels, parks and trails for any type of construction activity. The District may fine homeowners or third parties and will bill for any damages to the District’s property. In some circumstances, the District may permit construction activity if an access agreement with the District is approved in advance and the required deposit is provided. Please contact the District’s attorney, Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, LLP at 713-860-6400 for agreement inquiries. Use of motorized vehicles is also strictly prohibited on all WFDD properties.

Please contact Champions Hydrolawn at 713-909-2301 for maintenance inquiries.


WFDD is serious about the security of its residents, properties and facilities and continually committed to providing a safe environment where families and community can come together. With the additional responsibility of parks and related operations, the District’s board of directors has taken a proactive approach to security to prevent issues before they occur as well as protect assets and property values. Current security operations include:

  • Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies patrolling of channels, trails and Exploration Park.
  • Monitoring for individuals trespassing on channels and trails in motorized vehicles, including dirt bikes, ATVs and golf carts, to prevent damage to District property and potential injury, issuing citations as necessary.
  • Monthly review of activity across all parks and surrounding areas.
  • Evaluation of security measures based on surrounding crime trends.
  • Comprehensive security for Willow Fork Park, including daytime patrol, 24/7 video monitoring, maintenance of security lighting and access gate(s), and Wi-Fi internet access for park visitors.

For immediate security concerns call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 281-341-4665. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

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