Willow Fork Drainage District currently has approximately 30 miles of off-street trails. As part of a multi-phase project, the District is adding 15 more miles of trails, including trailheads, wayfinding signage, street crossings, and four pedestrian bridges to more fully connect the trail system. These trails will provide additional off-street connectivity within the District and begin to link existing local and regional destinations. When complete, the District will have nearly 45 miles of off-street trails for a total of 50 miles of trails with sidewalks and street-side connections.

The first phase of trails was completed in June 2016 and included two pedestrian bridges for connectivity to Cinco Ranch High School and Cinco Ranch Junior High from neighborhoods to the north as well as a third bridge for access to Willow Fork Park. The next phase of trails, which includes a 200 foot pedestrian bridge over Buffalo Bayou, is expected to be substantially complete by mid 2020.

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